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Robert Burkhalter
Director of Tournaments
Voice: (408) 730-4716

THE ON-LINE CHESS TOURNAMENT ENGINE IT USES can now host tournaments of 50,000 players

Sunnyvale, California, 2008 November 05 announces the completion of testing of the large-scale on-line chess tournament engine owned by The engine has been certified conducting multiple tournaments with 50,000 players per tournament.

“When they hosted their 21st tournament in April of 2008, they knew the software was stable and that it was time to scale it so it could handle mammoth tournaments.  So they ramped up the test environment to simulate all the transactions present in a live tournament,” says Robert Burkhalter, Director of Tournaments at  “It took 3 months for to redesign, test, and tune it.  And it feels good to know their database structure handles 50,000 players in a tournament, and that the supporting processes are designed (and tested) to recover from an outage without loss of data or without impact to players.”, with encouragement and inspiration from, has been shaking out the last few remaining kinks in its on-line chess tournament engine.  What’s unusual about this device is its ability to host a fully-automated multi-national on-line chess tournament.  It’s ability to allow individual players in the tournament to negotiate the start times of their games makes it easy for players separated by huge time zone differences to play each other.

Chess-For-Charity uses this engine to conduct its on-line fund raising because it does everything. It takes less than 5 minutes to configure a tournament, and the software does everything from collecting the money via its PayPal interface, to arbitrating the chess games, and awarding the cash prizes.

About Chess-For-Charity — Its current focus is to use the on-line large-scale chess tournament engine provided to raise several million dollars to feed the hungry in America.


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