Our Latest Fund Raisers
involve the use of fully-automated on-line chess tournaments
and, like the most appealing charity drives, the prizes are
amazing and desireable.

If you want to blow us away with your generosity, enter the
tournament, win, and then donate your prize to
Second Harvest Food Bank (see below).  

Second Harvest of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties is a private non-profit organization that collects and distributes more than 31 million pounds of food each year to low income children, adults and seniors.  The Food Bank currently serves an average of 165,000 individuals each month; the majority are families with dependent children and senior citizens. made a quiet spalsh with its introduction of the world's first on-line chess tournament engine capable of handling international tournaments by allowing the players to negotiate their own start times.  This allows players in widely-separated timezones to play at a time that is convenient for both players. Recently, they have successfully scaled it to handle 50,000 players in a single tournament. They don't mess around.